Nature's Unfolding Story

As an artist, my work is an exploration of nature, infused with the understated elegance of the wabi-sabi aesthetic. Rooted in Japanese philosophy, wabi-sabi finds beauty in impermanence and imperfections, celebrating the humble, weathered, and imperfect aspects of the world around us. Wabi-sabi, with its emphasis on modesty, quiet authenticity, and reverence for the transient, inspires me to pause and reflect on the simple beauty inherent in nature. It is the ephemeral quality of autumn leaves, the delicate blossoms of cherry trees, the celebration of cracks and fading that time, weather, and use leave behind.

In my mixed-media paintings, I integrate the essence of wabi-sabi into my compositions, seeking to capture the small and simple beauty found in the natural world. The conscious effort to honor the mundane and incidental is a fundamental aspect of my artistic philosophy. I embrace the organic shapes, textures, and colors of materials that come from the earth, imbued with the patina of age. Integrating these natural elements with pigments and pastes, I aim to highlight their innate and delicate beauty. My art is a call to awareness, an invitation to contemplate the delicate interplay between nature and human society. Through each piece, I explore the fragile connections that bind us to nature, prompting viewers to reflect on the moral weight of our influence on the world around us.

Painting, for me, is a dynamic and intuitive process-an ongoing investigation of abstraction, an exploration of color and texture. The ultimate creative expression, as I see it, involves the integration of spirituality, zen sensibility, and the earth's natural materials.

I hold a degree in Comparative Arts from Washington University in St. Louis. Following a career in the non-profit sector as an executive director and program director, I returned to my artistic passion in 2012, fulfilling a long-delayed commitment to creative endeavors. Since then, my work has been featured in over fifty museum exhibitions and numerous solo and invitational exhibitions in galleries and art centers throughout the US.


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